Cremona – Comune

Cremona, what to see in a day in this beautiful medieval town famous for its torrone, Torrazzo, violins and more
Cremona, cosa vedere in un giorno in questa splendida cittadina medievale famosa per il torrone , il Torrazzo , i violini e non solo
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Upper Mustang Trekking

Mustang, formerly Kingdom of Lo, is a remote and isolated region of the Nepalese Himalayas. The Upper Mustang was a restricted demilitarized area until 1992 which makes it one of the most preserved regions in the world, with a majority of the population still speaking traditional Tibetan languages.

Going To Extremes

The more that you travel, the more that you realize that the scenery of most places will remind you of some other place that you have visited. When we first started traveling we expected to be find everyplace that we visited to be strange and exotic, but were often surprised at how familiar the landscape actually was. Part of that is for obvious reasons. The various regions of the planet are by there very nature similar due to forces of nature and the climate. read more

Napo Wildlife Center

During our trip to Ecuador, we stayed at the Napo Wildlife Center in the Amazon Rainforest. Considering that we were deep in the Yasuni National Park and far away from any city, the amenities at the lodge were actually very nice. We had hot water, plenty of fresh food cooked three times a day, and even a fully stocked bar. There was also Wi-Fi, but it was a little spotty and didn’t always work. The lodge and bungalows sit on the shore of Añangu Lake and we had to paddle in canoes for a couple of hours to reach the lake from the river. read more

San Pietro by Night, Roma

Piazza San Pietro è la piazza più famosa di Roma, ed ospita l’omonima Basilica.
La Domenica il Papa si affaccia dal balcone della Basilica per la recita dell’Angelus.
La Piazza può accogliere fino a 300.000 persone.
E’ possibile sapere sulla cupola della Basilica di San Pietro, questo vi permette di avere una stupenda visuale sulla Piazza, su Castel Sant’Angelo e il fiume Tevere. read more