Exploring the Roman Forum

Located adjacent to the Colosseum are the ruins of the Roman Forum. As with many other ancient ruins, when walking the grounds of the Roman Forum, one can’t help but imagine all of the individuals who influenced the history of the world walking those same steps. There are so many historic ruins that come from a variety of centuries that purchasing a guide book to fully understand the history of the site is highly recommended. read more

Travel to Nha Trang to get unique experiences

Travel to Nha Trang to get unique experiences
Visit The Nha Trang Oceanography Institute, get the whole beach city since the height 3320m or discover the wild life, etc are unique experiences just only in Nha Trang
https://originvietnam.com/blog/top-attractions/travel-to-nha-trang-to-get-unique-experiences.html read more

180º Dreams of India

While traveling around India and photographing the usual tourist spots, I also made photos of the locals. This grew into a collection of portraits I call 180º FACES of INDIA. Because I had used a circular fisheye lens and India is blindingly colorful, I decided to convert them into black and white. I liked the black and white images as a photographer, but somehow they didn’t give me the same feeling and enjoyment that I had experienced while taking them. I played around with them on a computer and came up with new images that my wife called 180º DREAMS of INDIA. Sometimes a group of portraits says move about a country than its landmarks. What do you think? read more

Dubai Marina collage

Dubai Marina, “la nuova Dubai”, una delle zone piu’ frequentate di Dubai dove troviamo il porto turistico piu’ grande al mondo ↔www.itinerariodiviaggio.com ↔ #travelinstyle #viaggiare #viaggio #viaggiatori #itinerariodiviaggio #photolab #viajes #tripstagram #travelgram #travellers #travel #travelphoto #nature #voyage #tour #dubai #dubai🇦🇪 #dubaitag #uae#sun #summer #estate #sole #mare #sea #beach read more