Nis Serbia fortress

One of the main tourist attractions in Nis, and Serbia is fortress of Nis. If you are here, see what to expect and what can see in Nis Serbia.

Fortress in city of Niš Serbia

Unique Church in Bolivia

We were driving through the countryside of Bolivia outside of Cochabamba and we came across a tiny village with an old Spanish church. We stopped and talked to the locals, but apparently the church was no longer in use and they didn’t have keys to let us inside. We walked around the church and found a window with a mesh screen that was loose and peeked through to see some of the contents inside. It felt as though we were looking back over a hundred years in time. read more

The clouds in city of Nis

On the photo is main pedestrian street, Obrenovićeva in city of Niš, Serbia. City of Niš is city with long and interesting history, where Constantine The Great was born, Roman Emperor. Many more things can be experienced in city of Niš, Serbia. As great history, food, day life and nightlife, medicine tourism, hiking tours and more to give you Serbian experience in full. read more

Merida, a little Rome

Merida, in Spain, is a city that surprises the visitor, you can find an ancient roman temple, an hippodrome or its famous theatre between modern streets full of shops and buildings. If you want to be transported to this city and a lot more destinations, come and visit us on our social media:
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The Charles Bridge in Prague

There are several reasons to visit Prague in the Czech Republic and one of those is the Charles Bridge, which leads from the old town area over the Vltava River to the Prague Castle. Prague is extremely popular with tourists and the bridge is no exception, so be prepared for heavy crowds and lots of tour groups when you visit, even during the off-season. Equally impressive as the bridge itself are the guard towers that protect the bridge and serves as a stunning entrance. The views of the castle from the bridge are quite amazing, but the main attractions of the bridge are the statues that line both sides. read more

Heidelberg – Idyllic German City

It was special for us to visit Heidelberg a couple of weeks ago because our youngest daughter spent three weeks there a little over a year ago. To be able to see the places that she had seen and compare opinions and the things that we both had seen was a wonderful experience. It isn’t that often that we travel to a destination at different times and get the opportunity to share them, even if not at the same time. We already shared the Heidelberg Castle (Schloss Heidelberg), but there was a lot to see than just the castle. It was only a forty-minute train ride to Heidelberg from Frankfurt, so we expect to go back again, so we weren’t worried about trying to see it all in a single day’s visit, but we definitely enjoyed what we did get to see.
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